At last, the time has come to break the ice, to “dive in headfirst” as they say, and to tell you what you’ll find when you take a look at this blog. Each time I’ll try to address issues concerned with the world of weddings and events, taking inspiration from my own direct experience and other sources. We’ll talk about fashion, good taste, customs and traditions, but also about the potential offered by Italy. In particular, I’ll introduce you to many of the gorgeous places and delicious things to be found in Piedmont and Liguria. Two regions which share a border, yet are very different from each other, each with its local identity and landscape: the Langhe for Piedmont and the sea for Liguria.
But before we get started, I’d like to devote this initial post to the meaning of the name I’ve chosen to represent and advance my business: “Brodo di Giuggiole”. It’s an idiomatic saying whose roots go way back in time. If you Google the phrase, one of the first results will be the Wikipedia explanation: “A liqueur made from a decoction of sun-dried jujubes”. This is actually an extremely rich and sweet liqueur, made from jujubes, an ancient fruit difficult to find today, which belongs to the date family. The well-known Italian saying “andare in brodo di giuggiole” refers to the extreme sweetness of the liqueur, and means to be beside oneself with happiness (a translation might be “over the moon”).
It’s precisely at the most important moments of our lives that we experience such intense emotion; and that’s why I chose the name. For me, it’s not just a sweet liqueur or a saying, but three words that represent the wonderful goal I want to achieve in every event I organise.