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How many times have you looked for a venue that’s exclusive, but not too big? Perhaps for a special occasion, a christening, for instance, or a birthday party, or to celebrate reaching a goal?
The Langhe, which most probably means ‘stretches of land’, is a historical region of Piedmont that’s renowned worldwide, not simply due to the wealth of traditions and local produce, but more especially because of its picturesque, hilly landscape, that sits halfway between the Alps and the sea.
The sound of the sea – the waves rising and falling, breaking and foaming – is always in the background, an inexhaustible energy, a true gift of nature. This is the beating heart of Castello Canevaro, its blending with its natural surroundings, its constant dialogue with the sea, in which the sky is reflected, by day and by night.
When it comes to wedding favours, the first thing that springs to mind for many is of course, the classic bag filled with sweets, perhaps accompanied by some little object destined to end up collecting dust with the other ornaments and jewels that we have hidden in a corner of our homes somewhere.
Today I’d like to tell you about a splendid nineteenth-century residence nestled in the heart of the Langhe, at Monforte d’Alba to be precise: Villa Beccaris. Located at the centre of an ancient park, Villa Beccaris offers numerous rooms and amenities suitable for various purposes, which can be used even during the winter months.
At last, the time has come to break the ice, to “dive in headfirst” as they say, and to tell you what you’ll find when you take a look at this blog. Each time I’ll try to address issues concerned with the world of weddings and events, taking inspiration from my own direct experience and other sources.

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