I am happy to talk to couples via Skype or to communicate via e-mail.
In this way, we will be able to get to know each other and to better understand your needs.

When couples contact me I immediately get to work to put together an initial proposal – this is usually a range of suggestions for the venue – which we will discuss at our second meeting. Naturally, we’ll go together and visit the suggested venues, and once the choice is made, I can then proceed with the creative aspects and the budget proposal (which once approved will be formalised in a contract). Described like this it might sound simple, but the reality is that there are numerous decisions to be made…here are a few examples.

For any self-respecting event you always need to have a “plan A” and a “plan B” (in case of bad weather); you also need to think about the timing of the ceremony (and avoid having the reception go on too late, especially if there are older guests), consider the distance between the ceremony and the reception venue and the logistics of getting there, check whether there’s parking space, depending on the chosen venue, and provide effective directions for reaching the destination. Then we can talk about the wedding breakfast: it’s a good idea to choose the menu based on seasonal local products, consider the number of courses, the length of the meal and the type of service, take various food intolerances into account and then….I’ll stop there for now!

Put your trust in me and your big day will not only be special, but truly carefree too!

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