So, are you ready? Together we’ll search for the magical place for your wedding!

It’s the starting point, the milestone where we’ll begin to plan your special day. The choice of location is an important decision which will affect your subsequent choices too, and therefore we need to carefully consider every aspect. First and foremost is your personal taste: a crucial factor if we want to design a bespoke event which will reflect your preferences. Secondly you need to decide what kind of ceremony you want, and, following on from this, what the reception will be like. After that there will be more practical aspects to consider: number of guests, what time of year the wedding will take place, daytime or evening, and so on… The whole thing is a thorough yet stimulating research task which will help me to understand the style you want for your special day, interpret your wishes and meet your expectations by achieving the desired end result.

The locations I have visited and listed to date are in Liguria and lower Piedmont

Langhe, Roero e Monferrato

Gentle hills as far as the eye can see, ancient villages, fortified castles and a never-ending succession of vines that map out intricate patterns: this is the magnificent landscape of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato area, now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The birthplace of fine wines, truffles, hazelnuts and “food artists” who have succeeded in bringing fame to unmistakable flavours, this is an amazing area, and not many people know it! It’s a fabulous treasure hunt among town and countryside, hidden valleys and hills, historic residences and manor houses; a place made special by its magical atmosphere at any time of year, providing an infinite choice of options and solutions for your wedding. No other landscape will awaken your senses in quite the same way: beauty and poetry born of the encounter of nature and design, of hillsides and vineyards, of unspoilt places and warm colours; a wealth of history, art and cultural treasures lying hidden and awaiting discovery.

The Cuneo plain

More commonly known as the Land of the Savoys, this area presents a collection of history and culture, art and ingenuity, traditions and flavours. It’s a treasure chest overflowing with architectural jewels created over the centuries: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. Numerous castles bear witness to the extended golden age which, from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, made this area a crossroads for practically all of European history: a proliferation of churches, both large and small; an exaltation of every artistic and architectural style through the centuries; elegant noble residences, sumptuous villas and green countryside extend into the distance. Places where tradition is passed down through the generations and where the fruits of the land meet craftsmanship and artistry, giving rise to exquisite local products to be savoured without haste…


A land of great charm and utterly Italian in character; a crossroads of business and tourism, where the colours of the sea fuse with the shades of Mediterranean maquis in luxuriant nature, blessed by an eternal spring-like climate where the seasons appear unchanging. Here the blue of the sea blends with the green of the land, the rainbow of flowers with the pastel tones of the fishermen’s houses and the grey stone of ancient villages. Olive groves, vineyards and citrus orchards prevail in the hilly landscape, interspersed with flower plantations, evidence of the work of humans and thousands of years of civilisation. What I’m offering you is a little-known Liguria, from the stunning coastline to the untouched hinterland. A series of beautiful things, delicious and rare places: towers, castles, villages, churches, frescoes and grottoes, but also wineries and olive mills where you’ll discover exquisite wines such as Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese and Ormeasco, fabulous Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil and the aromatic herbs which have been part of Ligurian cuisine since the Middle Ages.

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